The measures for overtime pay:fixed overtime payment

As for the measures for overtime pay there is fixed overtime payment for the company which takes the system of annual salary.

For example annual salary 5 million yen is divided into 2 parts, basic annual salary 4

million yen and performance annual salary 1 million yen.

Fixed overtime payment, some portion of monthly salary allocated to overtime work

allowance, e.g. which is equivalent to 20 hours of overtime is putted into basic annual salary

Company manage hours of overtime by outside deemed working hour system.

For example when doing business outside is agreed on 7 hours and 30 minutes of

Regular working hours,

Working hours of employee who directory went to customer and went home is deemed 7 Hours and 30 minutes/

In the event that desk work plus business outside (ex. Comes to office in the morning,

do office work and go outside and come back evening and do office work for remaining

job), total working hours are 7 hours and 30 minutes plus times of office work.


Company manage working hours like this and company pay extra wage for overtime which exceeds 20 hours.

At first I think to grasp working hours is a start.

Company can grasp how many hours of outside business is appropriate time.

And company must know working hours from an aspect of safety consideration duty


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