Office Profile

Company Name: Tsuji Certified Tax Accountant Office
Office Address: 2F ME Bldg.23-1 Shinsencho,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo Japan 150-0045
Tsuji Certified Tax Accountant Office(Tsuji Tax) is International consulting office.
Toshio Tsuji who has many years of experience at International company, Tokyo, presents thorough knowledge of accounting, auditing, and taxation.
He is a founding Managing Director of Tsuji tax.The business goes very good since it’s established in 2005.
Tsuji Tax have started IPO consulting business since 2006.
Business Services: International Accounting outsourcing,International Tax consulting,Support for Corporate establishments
Main Bank: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Managing Director Profile

Toshio Tsuji

2005-Present,Tsuji Tax Accounting Office
-Provided accounting/finance, tax, and IPO related services to small to mid-sized clients
-Prepared various corporate and individual tax returns
-Established Davinci Consulting, Inc. as the CEO in 2007 in order to provide M&A, international business and other management consulting services.
2002-2005 Accounting Director, Joseph Limited (UK company)
-Management of company’s assets
-Resbinsibilities for accounting reports and cash flow reports
-Portfolio management
2001-2002 Consultant, Certified Public Accountant Office in Shinjuku,Tokyo
-Preparation for Japanese corporation tax return
-Consulting for corporation
2000-2001 Consultant, International Consulting, Inc in Akasaka,Tokyo
-Accounting outsourcing
-Consulting for corporation
2000-2000 Accountant, Certified Public Tax Accountant Office in Shibuya,Tokyo
-Prepare Japanese tax return for corporation and personal and check for accounting accuracy

Kawasaki Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office (KCO) provides professional consulting services specializing in labor management laws and human resource consulting to foreign companies doing business in Japan and Japanese companies who have foreign employees.

Analysis of the nature of the complaints by foreign workers reveals that these problems arise from a lack of knowledge of Japanese laws or differences of culture and customs in daily life. Despite the existence of the Labor Standards Law and other related labor laws, lack of knowledge of them causes many problems. It is important to recognize that these laws can be the means of solving and avoiding problems. And Rules of employment stipulating working conditions and office regulations based on labor laws should be drawn up and it can lead the problems to fair resolution.


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